2 Reasons To See Your Obstetrician

One of the most important resources at your disposal when you are pregnant is an obstetrician, mostly because of the various ways in which he or she can help you and your unborn child remain healthy throughout the pregnancy and even during the delivery process. Listed below are two reasons to see your obstetrician from your pregnancy.

If Your Pregnancy Is High Risk

One of the biggest reasons to see an obstetrician throughout your pregnancy is if your pregnancy is one that would be considered high risk. Some of the situations that can label your pregnancy as high risk would be if you are over the age of 35 or have had a history of miscarriages and difficult pregnancies.

The reason that an obstetrician can help you with this is because he or she will be able to keep ahead of any potential issues and possibly catch them as early as possible in order to reduce the risk of your pregnancy a little bit and help ensure that you carry the child to term. Not only will the obstetrician be helping you carry the child to term, but he or she will also be attempting to keep you in the best health possible because some of the complications that can arise during a high-risk pregnancy can adversely and permanently affect your health.

If You Are Experiencing Severe Headaches While Pregnant

Another reason to see her obstetrician while pregnant is if you are experiencing very severe and painful headaches on a very frequent basis. The reason for this is that having severe headaches while pregnant can often be a warning sign that you are experiencing preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a condition that can cause your blood pressure to spike quite quickly while you are pregnant and can lead to all kinds of potential issues with your  pregnancy, such as you going into a seizure, having a stroke, or experiencing extremely severe  blood loss that could cause you to end up in the hospital or lose your child. However, if preeclampsia is caught early enough, your doctor can prescribe the medications that can lower your blood pressure while also recommending that you take it easy and rest in bed as much as possible until your delivery date.

Make an appointment with an obstetrician like Desert Rose OBGYN PC today in order to discuss how he or she may be able to assist you with your pregnancy and when you should contact him or her throughout your pregnancy. You should consider seeing your obstetrician if your pregnancy is considered high risk and if you are experiencing severe headaches while you are pregnant.