Things You Should Know If You Are Diabetic and Want to Get Pregnant

If you have diabetes and would like to get pregnant and have a child, you most likely will be able to do this; however, you may need to prepare for this event before you start trying to conceive. Women with diabetes are usually able to get pregnant and have healthy children, but their pregnancies typically require extra types of care. Here are a few things you should know if you are in this situation.

It's Important to Visit an Obstetrician First

Before you begin trying to conceive, it might be wise to choose an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) to visit. This type of doctor not only offers women's health care but also specializes in pregnancy care. An initial visit to an OB/GYN can be extremely helpful if you have diabetes, and the doctor is likely to ask you a lot of questions and make some suggestions.

The first and most important goal of visiting a doctor before you get pregnant is to make sure you are healthy enough for the pregnancy. If you have not monitored and controlled your diabetes very well, there is a chance you could have some health issues that need to be addressed before your pregnancy. The OB/GYN will help you know what these issues are and what you need to do to get healthy enough to have a baby.

Your Pregnancy May Be Considered High Risk

In most cases, women with diabetes are automatically placed into the category of high-risk pregnancies. A high-risk pregnancy is any type of pregnancy that has more risks than a normal pregnancy. With diabetes, there are multiple risks to you and your baby, and the most important part of having a healthy pregnancy is controlling your blood-glucose level.

If your blood-glucose levels do not stay within normal ranges, this can harm the baby. The baby's organs may not develop properly, and the baby's brain may end up with problems. Babies that are born to mothers with diabetes have a higher risk of being born prematurely, not gaining enough weight, and having birth defects. These risks are much higher if you are not able to control your blood-glucose levels.

You should also understand that you may be at risk for developing health problems too; but again, the risks can be reduced if you control your blood-glucose levels. Some of the health risks you may have with your pregnancy include vision problems, heart issues, and kidney problems.

Other Things You Should Know

There are a couple other important things you should know if you are wanting to have a baby, and the first is that you will still need to visit your diabetes doctor during the pregnancy. You may want to visit him or her before the pregnancy as well. This doctor will also be able to help you determine whether your body is ready for the pregnancy, and he or she might also be able to give you suggestions as to how to better prepare for this.

The other thing you should understand is that it may be harder for you to conceive if your blood-glucose levels are not controlled well. When your levels are too high, they can prevent conception from taking place. In addition, you may be at a higher risk for having a miscarriage if your levels are too high.

Diabetes is a serious disease, but it is still very possible to have a baby if you have this disease. It's just very crucial for you to understand that preparing for the pregnancy is vital and will improve your chances of having a healthy child. To learn more about this, make an appointment with an obstetrician, such as one at Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC, today.